Welcome to the ‡Khomani San website. Our story is a long one that started many thousands of years ago when our ancestors still moved freely across southern Africa, following the rains, the plants and the animals that brought us life.

Things today are different and the vast open spaces that we once inhabited have become much smaller, intersected by state boundaries, private property and modern man’s infrastructure, such as roads. Nevertheless, a visit to the Kalahari still provides a sense of freedom that is hard to find in many other parts of the world. The sky is big, the horizons unending and there is a timeless peace that can only be found far away from the rush of modern life.

People of the Kalahari are hardy and whilst life has changed here, as elsewhere, our unique way of life can still be experienced and enjoyed and we would like to welcome you to our world. Strip away the trappings of the 21st Century and expose your being to alternative joys of life.

About This Site

This site is intended to be of service to people wanting to learn more about the ‡Khomani San, where we live and what our culture is about.

It is for people who would like to visit us and who would like more information to assist in planning and booking such a trip.

It is also for people who would like to get involved in making a difference to the community’s life, either through making a donation to a project of their choice, or through getting involved in a deeper way.


  • Rest in Peace Oupa Dawid Kruiper
    It is with the greatest sadness that we mark the passing of our traditional leader, Oupa Dawid Kruiper, who left us on the 13th June 2012 after a short period of illness and hospitalisation. He led the ‡Khomani San community to victory on Human Rights Day, 1999, in our historic land claim and has been our father, grandfather, story-teller, teacher, healer and visionary leader. Rest in peace Oupa, together with our other great elders and family members that have passed on. We will do our best to follow in your footsteps and will work together to turn our dreams and hopes into reality… REGVERDIGHEID SAL SEEVIER!

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