‡Khomani san’s new traditional leader

Petrus Vaalbooi the son of late Elsie Vaalbooi is the newly elected Traditional Leader of the‡Khomani san community and was inaugurated on the 07th of April 2018. Five years after the sad passing of his dearly loved predecessor “Oupa” David Kruiper who led the community to a historical land claim victory on Human Rights day in 1999.

‡Khomani san’s new traditional leader
When the land claim started, community leader, Dawid Kruiper, asked the South African San Institute to help him locate people who spoke their ancestral language. Dawid, like others in his community, speaks Khoekhoegowab and Afrikaans. According to the literature, the language spoken in this area would have been ‡Khomani.

In February 1997, Petrus Vaalbooi identified his mother Elsie as a speaker of the ‘bushman language’. Elsie Vaalbooi was tested by world specialist Professor Anthony Traill. Using audio material from 1936 Traill demonstrated that Mrs Vaalbooi was a fluent speaker of the ‡Khomani language. http://www.san.org.za/

Petrus Vaalbooi , son of Elsie Vaalbooi who played a significant role to preserve and promote the existence of the ancient san language contributed immensely to ensure a successful #Khomani san land claim in 1999. Petrus Vaalbooi or “Oom Valie” as he is fondly known by the community was the convener “sameroeper” of the Khomani san community since the land claim process and it came to no surprise that this well-known activist and respected community elder was elected and inaugurated as the new ‡Khomani san leader on the 07th of April 2018. This remarkable event marks another cornerstone achievement for “Oom Valie” who supported he’s predecessor “Oupa” Dawid Kruiper to ensure the successful community landclaim in 1999. He contributed to Oupa David’s vision and hope that “Regverdigheid sal seevier’ for the community. He’s vision points to a new direction and more stability for the‡Khomani san as he promises “I want to walk the future with you, not next, behind or in front of you”

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