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Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (Germany)

The Rotary Foundation

Rotary District 1800 (Germany)

  • Rotary District 9350 (South Africa)
  • Rotary District 9400 (South Africa)
  • Rotary Club Aschersleben
  • Rotary Club Bad Nenndorf
  • Rotary Club Bernburg-Koethen
  • Rotary Club Bitterfeld-Wolfen
  • Rotary Club Braunschweig Heinrich der Loewe
  • Rotary Club Braunschweig-Hanse
  • Rotary Club Bueckeburg
  • Rotary Club Celle
  • Rotary Club Celle-Schloss
  • Rotary Club Clausthal-Zellerfeld
  • Rotary Club Dessau
  • Rotary Club Duderstadt-Eichsfeld
  • Rotary Club Einbeck-Northeim
  • Rotary Club Garbsen-Wunstorf
  • Rotary Club Gardelegen
  • Rotary Club Goslar
  • Rotary Club Goettingen-Süd
  • Rotary Club Halberstadt
  • Rotary Club Halle Georg Friedrich Haendel
  • Rotary Club Halles/Saale
  • Rotary Club Hameln
  • Rotary Club Hannover-Ballhof
  • Rotary Club Hannover-Leibnitz
  • Rotary Club Helderberg Sunrise
  • Rotary Club Hildesheim
  • Rotary Club Hildesheim-Rosenstock
  • Rotary Club Holzminden
  • Rotary Club Langenhagen-Wedemark
  • Rotary Club Lehrte
  • Rotary Club Luechow-Danneberg
  • Rotary Club Lueneburg
  • Rotary Club Lueneburg-Hanse
  • Rotary Club Merseburg
  • Rotary Club Naumburg-Saale
  • Rotary Club Nienburg-Neustadt
  • Rotary Club Northcliff
  • Rotary Club Peine
  • Rotary Club Quedlinburg
  • Rotary Club Rehburg-Loccum am Kloster
  • Rotary Club Salzgitter-Wolfenbuettel
  • Rotary Club Salzgitter-Wolfenbuettel-Vorharz
  • Rotary Club Salzwedel
  • Rotary Club Soltau
  • Rotary Club Stassfurt
  • Rotary Club Stolzenau
  • Rotary Club Uelzen
  • Rotary Club Upington
  • Rotary Club Walsrode
  • Rotary Club Weissenfels
  • Rotary Club Wernigerode
  • Rotary Club Wolfsburg
  • Rotary Club Zeitz
  • Rotary Club Zerbst

Peace Parks Foundation

Peace Parks Foundation (PPF) has been working with the ‡Khomani San since 2012. The project that is currently managed through PPF is funded by BMZ (The German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development) and Rotary International. It aims to build ‡Khomani San livelihoods through supporting the operations of Erin Game Ranch and the Bushman Council Office. The funding has also been used to improve infrastructure and build facilities such as Erin Tented Camp,while also encouraging the intergenerational transfer of traditional knowledge by funding veldskool, youth and elders camps.



South African National Parks are the appointed conservation management agent of the Heritage Park and sit together with the Khomani San and the Mier Municipality on the Heritage Park’s Joint Management Board. SANParks are an active partner and work together with the San community on a number of related project, including the Kalahari Kids Programme as well as supporting the Imbewu Programme as needed.

Wildlife Ranching South Africa

Through their expert knowledge of wildlife ranching, this organisation provides technical support and advice regarding the management and operations of Erin Game Ranch. They have provided financial support to improve the ranch’s facilities and have also built community capacity through running courses to ensure community members are suitably qualified to work on the ranch.

Kalahari Peoples Fund.

Kalahari Peoples Fund. logo

The Kalahari Peoples Fund was founded in 1973 by members of the Harvard Kalahari Research Group and has held non-profit status in the USA since 1978. From its inception, our organization has been composed of volunteer professional anthropologists, geographers, development workers, linguists, educators, and other experts who have worked closely with the people of the Kalahari region and are familiar with their contemporary situations.

Today, KPF continues to support the rights of San communities for health, education, livelihoods, land, and language.

Travel Africa

A family-owned business run by Chris and Sandie Suchet-Pearson based in Sydney, Australia. The family, including their children and other relatives, are passionate about Southern Africa, its wildlife and people.

The family met with the Khomani San bushman community more than a decade ago and became business associates, friends and family. Travel Africa and associates provided the first financial aid to the community during the outbreak of the Corona virus. This enabled the community to navigate a proper system to deal with the challenges during the pandemic. Travel Africa’s ongoing support
currently involves financial aid for the bushman Preschool, Kopan.



African Safari Lodge Foundation

The African Safari Lodge Foundation | Khomani San

The mission of the African Safari Lodge Foundation is to maximise the pro-poor impacts of nature tourism enterprises by increasing the flow of tangible benefits from these businesses into the households of local residents, via wages, supply contracts, equity agreements and local institutions that encourage fair and equitable distribution of such benefits.

As an organisation, the ASLF has been working with the ‡Khomani San 2007, whilst its technical advisors have been assisting the San since 1998.


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