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Bushman Council Office

Luce Steenkamp – Administrative Manager

PO Box 62, Askham, 8814, Northern Cape, South Africa

Tel: +27(0)76 613 9095



Dirk Pienaar – Tourism Officer

PO Box 62, Askham, 8814, Northern Cape, South Africa

Tel: +27(0)60 331 2473



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    Tarrifs & Bookings

    Please book accommodation and activities in advance in order to avoid disappointment. To confirm the latest tariffs and/or make a booking please contact the appropriate person listed under the activity. Full payment may be required at the time of booking.

    Should the booking be cancelled a month or more before the visit, 75 percent of the amount will be refunded. If the booking is cancelled within a month of the planned visit, the amount paid will be non-refundable.

    Visitor Information


    April to August: Dry, cooler to cold (can drop below freezing at night) season

    August to March: Warm to hot (can rise above 40°C), wetter season (200mm per year)

    March-October: Best times of the year to visit


    • The Kalahari can be a harsh place; the winters tend to be very cold at night and the summers can be extremely hot so make sure you bring suitable clothing depending on the time of your visit
    • Depending on where you will be staying you may need to bring water with you – especially drinking water, but possibly also washing water. There are places where water containers can be refilled but the Kalahari water tends to be salty and may either not be to your taste or in some instances is simply not potable
    • Don’t forget the sun cream, hats and sunglasses or the mosquito repellent for flies, mosquitoes and other creatures that may bug you
    • Some hardy shoes are not only recommended but are a rule of the park, both for walking and for snake and scorpion protection
    • If you are camping or self-catering you will need to bring your own food. There is a shop in Askham where simple supplies can be purchased, as well as at Andriesvale and at Twee Rivieren, but please do not count on being able to buy anything fancy. You will also need to bring or to purchase firewood if you are camping as wood may not be collected on the San farms.

    Safety and Security:

    The Kalahari is generally a safe place regarding crime but normal care should be taken of belongings and do not leave valuables lying around. Personal safety is not a problem.

    Rules & Regulations for visitors to ‡Khomani Farms:

    • Visitors enter at their own risk and must be accompanied by a registered ‡Khomani San guide at all times (one guide per eight people)
      • No animal or plant may be interfered with or removed
      • No wood may be collected on the farms and caution must be taken when making a fire, which may not be left unattended
      • The carrying of firearms on the farms must be approved by the Bushman Council Office
      • Strictly no off-road driving on the farms. All vehicles must remain on the tracks provided and comply with the speed limit of 50 kilometres per hour
      • Please use biodegradable shampoos and soaps: not detergents
      • Please remove all rubbish; nothing is to be buried or burnt
      • Please behave in an orderly manner and maintain peace and quiet
      • No dogs, cats or pets are allowed on the farm.

    Getting There

    Khomani San major road access map | Khomani San

    The Kalahari is accessible by road from Rietfontein and Mata Mata (in the park, two nights overstay obligatory) border posts with Namibia, Bokspits and the Twee Rivieren border post with Botswana and via Upington or Van Zylsrus in South Africa. There are also daily flights to Upington Airport from Johannesburg and Cape Town on SA Airlink. Vehicle hire is available at the airport through a number of car hire companies and from there it is an hour-and-a-half drive to Andriesvale (the San farms) and two hours to the park – all on a good tar road. NB It is best not to drive between dusk and dawn as there are often animals on the road (owls, bat eared foxes, steenbuck, etc).

    Download the Khomani San map

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